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Sunshine Award Answers

Posted in Musings with tags , on October 7, 2013 by madelincwolf

I was nominated for a Sunshine Award and have chosen to just answer the questions posed to me instead of making my own nominations.  I don’t know 10 people who blog that aren’t already nominated.  I suppose we could just go round and round with different questions….  Anyway, here goes.

1.  What pivotal event in your life changed you for the better?  Taking care of my husband as he battled cancer.  I was amazed at how strong I could be for both of us.

2.  Oldies? Opera? Country? Hip Hop? Blues? Jazz? Contemporary Christian? Rat Pack? Polka? Other? (please specify): Rock and Roll, baby with a splash of Blues, especially my husband ‘s version of “Walkin’ to my Baby.”
3.  Spring or Fall?  Spring
4.  What is your favorite comfort food?  Make that plural: My Mom’s Southern Tea biscuits loaded with butter (she obtained the recipe from a restaurant on a road trip somewhere in Kentucky in the late 40’s).
5.  What is your favorite creative activity? Collage making; bookmaking… too hard to choose just one and more wanted to be listed!
6.  Looking back on your life, what era would you like to live over? 1978 – 1981 when I was an art student at UC Berkeley
7.  Barefoot or slippers? Barefoot
8.  How would you describe your home dec style? Eclectic (read: found furniture, clutter bordering on hoarding, art materials everywhere, lots of books, artwork hung gallery-style on multiple walls.)
9.  What evokes emotion in you? Seeing a couple holding hands, a beautiful sunset, a love story, friends who care about me, memories of my sweetie, Doug.
10. What one thing do you want to accomplish before your life is over? Living to a ripe old age making art every day having a love to accompany me on the journey.
So there you have it….and GO!