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Five Facts Friday

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Today’s 5 are about what we are thinking about.  Thanks, Kim for continuing this !

1) Tomorrow is my husband’s memorial and I am getting a bit anxious thinking that there will be too many  people for the size of the house. There will be plenty of food, however.

2) My daughter treated me to a cut and color on Tuesday and I am having a hard time getting used to having dark hair again… wish those bags under my eyes could have magically disappeared as well.

3) I made a lovely cover for the box of ashes which I have to take pictures of.  Then my friend gave me a beautiful ceramic jar with lid that will be a permanent place for them.  Also need a picture.

4) I’m making carnitas and pinto beans, tomatillo salsa and corn tortillas; one of his favorite meals. I have lots to do tonight.

5) My daughter thinks I should have a large photo of my honey instead of the 5×7 that I have already framed.  We’ll see if I can squeeze that in.  It will be easy to print it out, but scanning, editing etc. is what takes the time.


Five Facts Friday

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Last week got away from me and I didn’t get to posting my facts.  This is the last Friday of the month. Some of the BTS’ers are going to continue.  I just might join in!  Here are mine for this week.

1) I love herring with sour cream

2) I never liked frosting on cake, and only tolerate it now

3) My favorite Indiana Jones movie is  Raiders of the Lost Ark

4) I once pierced my own ear

5) The bottom shelf in one of my cabinets is 3/4 full of herbs and spices

5 Fact Friday Week 3

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I was going to post both 5 Fact Friday and Fabulous Friday Finds, BUT, it seems that my Mac is a bit sick. Some kern problem… I don’t know.  Looked it up on the web and found I have to run disk first aid after unplugging peripherals and rebooting with the disk (which means that I will have to update the version again, I guess.) ICK.  I do not know that much about these things.  In any case, I can’t edit photos evidently, and the file is huge if I just try to upload it as is.  You will just have to make do with the Facts.

1) Tech stuff makes my head spin!

2) I’m a night owl.

3)I have been known to write poetry on occasion.

4)I grew up in New Hampshire.

5)My favorite tea is Bigelow’s Earl Grey .

Well, I hope that I can fix my problems and get back to playing with my photos!  Have a good weekend!

Another Five Facts Friday

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Here’s another 5 facts about me

I have this thing for chairs… especially if they are on the street begging to be saved.

There is very little space on my walls left for artwork

When I cross off things on my to do list, I have to make a new list of the undone things so it isn’t messy.

I cut my own hair.

Speaking of hair, as my husband’s hair was falling out after his brain radiation, I twisted it into cords.

I am enjoying reading everyone’s facts!

Five Facts Friday

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Five facts about ME?  Let’s see….

I love to read science fiction and historical novels.

I love to watch science fiction movies and TV series, even bad ones!

I have seven grand kids.

I love to bake bread.

I have way too much fabric.

Thanks Kim and Xanthe for keeping in touch with your BTSers!!  This is a great idea!